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LSU Researchers Putting a New Spin On an Old Wild Hog Bait

Researchers at Louisiana State University are developing a wild boar bait that exploits the notorious appetites of swine.

According to the Associated Press, LSU’s Agricultural Center is working on a salt lick that uses a special type of salt that attracts and kills feral pigs. The salt is toxic to pigs, but not to humans, dogs, cattle or other livestock.

The project’s lead researcher, Phil Elzer, said the salt causes a blood disorder in the pigs and kills them within 30 minutes.

“This isn’t going to be like rat poison, where if you give it in very high doses, you can kill anything, including the nontarget species,” said Elzer. “We don’t want to just throw something out there and it ends up killing bears or other wildlife.”

State wildlife officials hope to someday use the salt licks in conjunction with sharpshooters to reduce out-of-control feral pig populations.

To develop the wild hog bait, researchers are studying a similar Australian bait poison. The Aussies are also struggling with rampant feral pig populations. Australian wildlife agencies are planning to use aerial drones to drop poison in areas infested with feral pigs.

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The AP reported that there are just as many feral pigs in Louisiana as there are people living in Baton Rouge and New Orleans combined. That’s a lot of pigs. Wild swine have caused more than a billion dollars in damage to agriculture and livestock throughout the southeast.

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LSU Researchers Putting a New Spin On an Old Wild Hog Bait