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Loyal Porcupine Fish Won’t Leave Its Partner Until It’s Free

A porcupine fish was trapped in some discarded netting until a kind hearted snorkeler freed it.

A rescue of a trapped fish was caught on video and it had several eye opening moments. First of all it was caught in some sort of netting and left to die until a swimmer with snorkeling gear found it. Secondly, the diver had to use a piece of broken glass to cut it loose!

Maybe the most resounding thing of all was the fact that the trapped fish’s partner wouldn’t leave its side the entire time. Here’s what loyalty in the natural world looks like:

First off thanks to the Core Sea YouTube channel for sharing this unique and heartwarming video! Kudos to the snorkeler for taking the time to care for a wild animal in need of a rescue, and with a broken bottle!

Porcupine fish are commonly called pufferfish and blowfish for a reason as you can see the fish begin to ‘inflate’ itself in the video. Thankfully the fish and its mate swam off to freedom and more so that the swimmer didn’t get cut during the rescue.

As heartwarming as the whole affair is, it’s tremendously sad to see fish caught in discarded netting have to be rescued by someone using the bottom of a broken bottle.



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Loyal Porcupine Fish Won’t Leave Its Partner Until It’s Free