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Lower St. Lawrence Region In Quebec May See Complete Ban on Deer Hunting

M. Radio Canada

Whitetail deer hunting could be a thing of the past in eastern Quebec if deer numbers continue to crash.

The preliminary figures are in and it’s not pretty: only sixty-nine animals were taken so far in the area known as Zone 2. The Ministry of Forests Wildlife and Parks provides that a minimum of ninety deer be taken so that hunting can be given the green light to continue in the region.

While hunting west of Zone 2 is seeing more reasonable numbers with 585 taken, it is still 200 short of last year’s tally and hunters are noticing.

The Department of Wildlife is certain that severe weather is among the factors, but that doesn’t explain everything. Sébastien Ross, Director, Wildlife Management Branch said, “We know that the eastern part of Zone 2 undergoes winters much more rigorous than the western part. So the driving indices and snow accumulation is more important than in the western part”

Hunters in the region have taken up the cause and are putting their best foot forward saying that a possible ban on hunting in the eastern region of zone 2 would be beneficial and that a ban on hunting for a year or two would be a small sacrifice to conserve the resource

Phillippe Tanguay, Wildlife Technician, agrees saying that a ban on the sport is one possible solution but not the only one. Tanguay said, “It should not be that the only solution. I think there are other things that should be taken into account”

Hunters everywhere should take notice. Dwindling deer numbers are a point of contention in many areas. Deer hunters that are willing to have less days to hunt; even less years to hunt should be applauded.

We just hope that it doesn’t come to that.


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Lower St. Lawrence Region In Quebec May See Complete Ban on Deer Hunting