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These Falls in New York Are as Beautiful as They Are Urban

The city of Rochester, New York has three waterfalls worth exploring and the lower falls are the most spectacular.

There are a spectacular falls in view of the Driving Park Bridge in Rochester, NY that can be hiked and enjoyed by visitors from all over.

These falls and the surrounding area are strewn with some incredible scenery and a history that can't be matched. Between the fishery, original Native American presence, and the fact that the underground railroad passed through this area, the lower falls are chock full of importance.

Oh, and the vistas are beautiful!

The lower falls gorge can be hiked, fished, and enjoyed as a natural wonder by locals and outside visitors alike. Rich Funke, New York State Senator for the 55th Senate District said, "So much of Rochester's history is tied to High Falls and the Genesee River. Sometimes we tend to overlook the Middle and Lower Falls area, which has a rich history of its own."

Each of the falls in and around the city of Rochester, NY has its own unique and viable reason to be explored. Getting to one of these amazing places is as easy as contacting the Lower Falls Foundation.


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These Falls in New York Are as Beautiful as They Are Urban