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Why I Love My Hunting Bow

This is my bow, there are many like it, but this one is mine.

Bowhunting… the words just send shivers of excitement and anticipation down your spine.KCHO-mrec

I personally enjoy bowhunting more than rifle hunting because of the added challenge it presents. Using a bow requires you to know your prey and their habits well. You become much more in-tune with your primal self and the environment.

You have to make use of your innate tracking skills and get close enough without startling them. And when that moment presents itself, a well-placed shot, means the ultimate thrill.

It’s an addiction.

For most of my life, my father and I would hunt whitetail in and around the Pixley Falls area of upstate New York. I remember my father’s awesome Italian recurve bow that he said led to more kills than I could dream up.

My father loved bowhunting, and made sure to pass that love and fascination on to me. And as I watched him go in for the kill, I was instantly hooked.

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For my 13th birthday, my father bought me a Mathews Q2 and I convinced him to take me hunting the next weekend. We didn’t get anything, but that bow led to many future kills.

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Since then, I’ve upgraded, despite not having a chance to explore the all the West Coast had to offer in terms of hunting.

I purchased a RedHead Toxik XT and I must say, she’s a beauty. I may not have sprung for all the bells and whistles, but she’s a well-reviewed, reliable, mid-range, bow and RedHead’s customer service is top-notch. With 60-70 lbs of draw weight, an arrow speed of 320 fps, and a weight of under 4 pounds, she’s capable of packing a serious punch, which is why I’m itching for my Canadian Grizzly trip next month.

I love this bow not only for its reasonable price, but also for its great arrow speed, and smooth draw. The bow itself is a monster. The Toxic XT is very accurate and quiet, there’s barely any vibration, and it looks awesome in camo, even though I opted for the black.

I was told by the best hunter I know that he only hunts with two bows. The Toxic XT and another, which is almost double the price.

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When deciding on your next bow, make sure you have time to do adequate research. There are a lot of different bows out there and finding the right one isn’t always easy. Also, if you’re looking to save some money, try springing for the package, like I did. It included a dozen or so arrows, broadheads, a good release, field points, and a sleek case. It was well worth it. After a few days at the range, I was surprised when I consistently hit the bulls-eye on a target from 70 even 80 yards.

Look out bear, I’m coming for you.


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Why I Love My Hunting Bow