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Louisiana’s Poverty Point Reservoir Yields More 3+ Pound Crappies

Louisiana Sportsman

Poverty Point producing a crappie season to remember.

Louisiana’s Poverty Point Reservoir is STILL producing monster white crappies early this spring.

Last month brothers Twayne and Dwayne Hosea pulled in 3.52-pound and 3.48-pound slabs just days apart. A third crappie caught by Roger McConnell just a few days later came weighed 3.46 pounds. The three fish all came in an eight-day stretch.

The even more remarkable thing about that feat is that the three fish are poised to take over spots 2, 3 and 4 in the state’s record book for white crappies. And Louisiana Sportsman reports Poverty Point is still producing big crappies! Twayne Hosea continued his awesome fishing season last Saturday when he pulled in not one, but two more chunky three-pound crappies.

The two fish helped make for a hefty 10.92-pound stringer of four fish. “That’s my heaviest four fish ever,” Hosea told Louisiana Sportsman. “My first 3-pound fish was the 25th of February, but as far as having two 3-pounders in one day – that’s unheard of for me.”

He also noted that the two other fish on the string, a 2.28- and 2.24-pounder respectively, made for an exciting day. The fish came from the same area and same lures Twayne and his brother caught their monstrous slabs on back in February.

Twayne is not done yet in his search for a new state record, but knows the best fishing is likely coming to a close as the crappie spawn winds down. He returned all four fish back to the reservoir. “That’s going to be my 4-pounders next spring,” Hoesa told Louisiana Sportsman. “I’m going to let them grow up and be big boys.”

Even though he let them go, Hoesa is going to have an impressive trophy wall of crappies. His 3.52 pounder is at the taxidermist and he’s planning to have a replica set done of his huge four-fish stringer.

We’ll continue to keep our eyes on Poverty Point to see if someone can pull a new state record from the lake. From what’s happened already this spring, it seems it’s just a matter of time!



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Louisiana’s Poverty Point Reservoir Yields More 3+ Pound Crappies