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Louisiana Begins Rewarding Hunters for Reporting Harvests

reporting harvests

In a new attempt to increase hunters reporting harvests, Louisiana has decided on a new tactic of reward instead of just punishment.

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has introduced a new plan for 2015-2016 hunting season to try to convince more hunters to report their harvest. The best part of the plan is that at the end of the season someone who reports a kill will go home with a new rifle.

In the past, the only incentive to report your harvest was the threat of a fine and possible jail time if you were caught without reporting. Apparently that plan didn't work as the state has discovered that fewer than half of all harvested deer were actually reported.

The agency has now decided to try the "catch more flies with honey" method by offering some great prizes for hunters who actually report their harvest within seven days of the kill.

One grand prize winner will be awarded the winner's choice of a Remington 700 or a Thompson Center breech-loading rifle with choice of caliber, and a case and scope to go with their new rifle. Four other prize winners will be awarded a Louisiana lifetime hunting license.

All harvests should be tagged when the deer is killed and reported within seven days of the kill. The harvest can be reported via telephone at 866-484-4805 or online at

While the agency is hoping to reward hunters for reporting harvests, they are not taking away the fines for those who fail to report. Don't take any chances, it doesn't help the wildlife situation and it can definitely be in your favor to make the report.

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Louisiana Begins Rewarding Hunters for Reporting Harvests