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Louisiana Reservoir Produces 3 State Record Class Crappies in 8 Days


These massive crappies could take over spots 2, 3 and 4 in state record book.

Anglers on Louisiana’s Poverty Point Reservoir are re-writing the state’s record books for white crappie when the reservoir produced not one, not two, but three fish over or near the 3.5 pound mark in only eight days!

The first two massive crappies were caught by twin brothers Twayne and Dwayne Hosea. Twayne caught his 3.52-pound slab of a fish on February 25. The 17 ½-inch fish is a new record for the 2,700-acre Poverty Point Reservoir and was the culmination of years of effort on Twayne’s part to break the 3-pound barrier.


“I’ve come so close to 3 pounds,” Twayne told Louisiana Sportsmen. “A couple of evenings ago I caught a 2.96 and my twin brother Dwayne caught one beside me that was a 2.91. So we knew were fishing over some good fish.”

And their hotspot paid off again just six days later when Dwayne pulled up a 17-inch crappie of his own. Weighed on the certified scales of the Poverty Point State Park Marina, the massive slab was just slightly smaller than his brother’s, coming in at 3.48 pounds.


The two live in close proximity to the lake and caught the slabs on identical Bobby Garland Baby Shad jigs in an area not unknown to locals. If proper paperwork is filled out and both fish are certified by the Louisiana Outdoor Writers Association, Twayne will hold the No. 2 spot for white crappie in Louisiana and Dwayne will hold No. 3.

Two state-record class fish in a week is a big enough surprise on its own. But Poverty Point is apparently home to dozens of record-class fish. On Thursday yet another massive crappie was pulled out of the reservoir by Rodger McConnell. His fish weighed in at 3.46 pounds and could potentially be the new No. 4 crappie for Louisiana.


McConnell was apparently more guarded on the details of where and how he caught his massive fish. Of course, who could really blame him seeing the awesome week this lake is having?  “I don’t think he was ready to give that honey hole up,” Jennifer Thompson of Poverty Point Reservoir State Park told Louisiana Sportsman.

Just for reference, Louisiana’s state record for white crappie is 3.8 pounds, so these fish aren’t too far off the mark. It will be interesting to watch Poverty Point and see if the lake’s unbelievable hot streak continues. According to Louisiana Sportsman, the Hosea brothers will definitely be out. They have a new goal in mind.

“I told my brother – the only goal we have now is to break the state record,” Twayne told Louisiana Sportsmen.

The way things have gone this last week, I’m betting there will be a bunch of other anglers out there with the same goal in mind!

Images via Louisiana Sportsman.



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Louisiana Reservoir Produces 3 State Record Class Crappies in 8 Days