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Louisiana Red Snapper Fishing is No Longer Weekends Only

Louisiana red snapper fishing is allowed on weekdays, but a constant struggle remains.

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has announced that weekday fishing for red snapper will be allowed starting April 14, 2014 until further notice.

Concerns over the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council and their control of fish population management in federal waters brought state lawmakers to the decision.

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“After reviewing what our biologists expect Louisiana’s recreational red snapper landings to be this year, and the recent action taken by the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council to have a very short federal season, I have decided to support our anglers and the associated fishing industry by opening state waters 365 days until further notice,” stated Secretary Robert Barham in the official press release on

“The Gulf Council’s action is clear evidence that their process is broken and they give no consideration to the needs of individual states,” continued Barham. “For two years, I have been trying to persuade the Gulf Council to move forward with regional management, allowing the states flexibility in management by empowering our anglers and fishing industry to decide how they want red snapper managed. That hasn’t happened.”
Louisiana’s state waters were motioned to be extended in 2012 from three miles offshore to three marine leagues, or roughly nine nautical miles, but it has not been recognized by the federal government. Should anglers venture beyond that three-mile boundary, they are subject to federal laws and regulations.

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Previously, weekends included Fridays, but were the only days for legal red snapper fishing in the state. Memorial Day and Labor Day were tossed in for good measure. A limit of two per angler with a 16-inch minimum length can be kept.

Finally, as a reminder of the struggle going on, the DFW’s website states “As our department continues to fight the battle for regional management of our fisheries, regulations may have the potential to change throughout the season.  We urge anglers to visit this webpage or our online fishing regulations pamphlet prior to your trip to ensure you are compliant.”

Will you be taking advantage of the extended red snapper fishing in Louisiana?

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Louisiana Red Snapper Fishing is No Longer Weekends Only