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Louisiana Man Sends Message to PETA

message to PETA

Is this the message outdoorsmen want to send to PETA?

Shawn Deshotel is a hardcore outdoorsman. He loves to spend time in the woods or on the water trying to harvest whatever is in season, and does so every chance he gets. Apparently Deshotel felt that some people, especially the folks at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), don't quite understand that. And so Deshotel decided to send a message.

After a successful Saturday hunting and fishing at Big Branch Marsh National Wildlife Refuge with his buddy Corey Blue, Deshotel was inspired to snap a photo and let it serve as the message. He and Blue had caught a pretty good mess of bass and a baker's dozen coot, known locally as poulle d'eau, and decided to pose the days harvest for a friendly message to PETA.

Deshotel and Blue arranged the harvest to spell out PETA, and shared the picture on social media.

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This is a lifestyle that sometimes people don't understand or accept.

"Some guys at work sometimes hassle me about it, they ask me how I can kill all those animals." Deshotel said in an interview on

Deshotel's response was the same as many hunters towards anti-hunting groups: he doesn't feel guilty at all about his hunting and fishing lifestyle because he eats every single animal he harvests.

Hunting and fishing are sports that we should be proud to be a part of and never ashamed of as long as we are doing it the right way. Paying for our tags and licenses is what fuels conservation, and following the laws and regulations ensures that the animals we love to hunt and fish will be alive and thriving for many generations to come.

How to you feel about the message to PETA that Deshotel sent? Is it something that more hunters should try to do to voice our opinions about our sports or is it just bad taste?

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Louisiana Man Sends Message to PETA