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Louisiana Hunter’s Monster Buck May Topple 73-Year-Old Firearms Record

Louisiana Sportsman

This big 11-point may break a 73-year-old Louisiana record!

Louisiana’s state record for a typical buck killed with a firearm was shot way back in 1943. But now, its long reign in the No. 1 spot may be over.

Enter Charlie Lusco’s massive 11 pointer taken on December 1 on Diamond Island. It’s still too early after the harvest to say with any certainty, but with after being measured three times, the scores have varied from 184 inches to 188 inches.

It’ll likely be close, but Lusco likely has a better chance than anyone else of narrowly topping Don Broadway’s 184 6/8 buck from the time of World War II. Interestingly enough, he likely wasn’t expecting to take the large buck that day. Instead, he spent most of the day setting up 20 game cams just in hope of getting photos of the large buck he and other hunters in the area knew all too well.

Louisiana Sporsman

“We let him walk for three years,” Lusco told Louisiana Sportsman. “This year we said, ‘Hey, he’s big enough. He’s an absolute trophy.

“A lot of other hunters in the club hunted him through bow season, through muzzleloader season, the opening weekend of rifle season and through Thanksgiving, and nobody got him. Everybody hunted him hard with rifles.”

That’s because, as seems to be the case too often, the deer had seemingly disappeared. As Lusco set up his trail cameras, he had no idea it would be a blessing in disguise to head out to hunt later than normal at 4:00 p.m.

“It couldn’t have happened any stranger, because we didn’t know where the deer was at all – no one had a clue. We hadn’t had him on film in at least two weeks,” Lusco told Louisiana Sportsman. “So we spend the whole day putting cameras out to find him, and I just went and jumped on a stand on the pipeline so I wouldn’t disturb anybody already in the woods because I was running late.”

After that late start, he probably wasn’t expecting to see the monster everyone was hunting for, but as luck would have it, the monster stepped out at 200 yards. It was so surprising, Lusco couldn’t believe it and had to glass the buck a couple times to make sure it was really him.

After making the shot, Lusco waited until dark and then later returned around 9 p.m. with a bunch of other hunters, where they found the buck after a short search.

“Oh God, it was like a big party in the woods,” Lusco said. “Everybody was high-fiving and slamming knuckles.”

And he’s going all out with this once-in-a-lifetime trophy, getting the buck full-body mounted for his lodge for everyone to enjoy.

It’s been a great season for hunters in Louisiana this year. A potential Top 5 non-typical buck for archery was also arrowed in the state earlier this year.

Even though the rut has winded down in most areas of the country, this story just goes to show there’s still some great hunting to be had in December and later in the year!


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Louisiana Hunter’s Monster Buck May Topple 73-Year-Old Firearms Record