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Louisiana Hunters Can Add Blaze Pink to Hunting Closet


Governor John Bel Edwards of Louisiana signed the law allowing blaze pink on Friday, May 6.

The bill, named Act 7, permits hunters to wear blaze pink and hunter orange during open gun hunting season. Previously, Louisiana hunters had to wear "400 square inches of florescent orange on their head, back, and chest while hunting certain game with a gun on public land."

The new law follows Wisconsin's lead in permitting blaze pink last summer. Cole Garrett, the legislative official for the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries stated that "it actually shows up better than orange in Wisconsin during some hunting seasons because of the change in the trees up north."

While some female hunters may find the law sexist, mostly because in Wisconsin especially it was marketed as a way to involve women in hunting, it actually opens up the market for hunting outfitters and can help them expand their stock.

More women may pick up hunting based on blaze pink, the more likely immediate outcome is that hunting outfitters will see sales go up as people begin to pick up their blaze pink for the upcoming season this fall.


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Louisiana Hunters Can Add Blaze Pink to Hunting Closet