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Louisiana Girl Catches Junior World Record Tripletail

Last week, a nine-year-old girl bagged a pending junior world record tripletail.

Sydney Guice, of Mandeville, caught the impressive tripletail on Thursday while fishing with her father and brother on a charter off the Louisiana Gulf Coast, according to the Clarion-Ledger.

Guice’s 17.24-pound tripletail could take the International Game Fish Association’s official world record for tripletail in the Small Fry class, a designation for anglers ages 10 and younger.

The previous small fry world record tripletail weighed just over 15 pounds.

Photo: Sonny Schindler

Guice and her family were hunting for trout with Shore Thing fishing charters near the Chandeleur Sound.

Her father, Nathan Guice, spotted the fish, and alerted one of the charter captains.

“I had all of two seconds to try and turn the boat before we ran over a huge free swimming tripletail,” wrote Captain Sonny Schindler in a blog post for the Clarion-Ledger. “I have no clue how we did not chop that monster up in the propeller.”

Schindler and his fellow captains helped Guice land the pending record catch, but he also credited the fishing rod that Guice used.

“The one thing that helped her (besides luck) was the new Okuma 55 RTX prototype we got to try out. We normally use our 30 class gear to catch triple tail, the 55 just has more horse power, but is small enough for even Syd’s hands to crank on.”

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Louisiana Girl Catches Junior World Record Tripletail