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Louisiana Fishing Guide Rescues Anglers After Boat Sinks in Lake

A Louisiana fishing guide rescued three anglers whose boat sank on Thursday in Lake Mechant.

Capt. Marty LaCoste was guiding a fishing trip when one of his clients spotted a sunken boat and three anglers in the water, reports the Times Picayune.

“All of them were waving their arms,” LaCoste said. “We turned in, and we saw all their stuff was floating on the water.”

Thankfully, the anglers weren’t in any immediate danger. When LaCoste arrived on the scene, he noticed the anglers’ boat was partially submerged on a reef in about two feet of water.

“We got them out of the boat, picked up all their stuff and called Water Patrol,” LaCoste said. “They were pretty calm. I’m sure they were freaked out a little bit, but they weren’t nervous wrecks.”

While they waited for the rescue boat to come, LaCoste took the anglers and his clients to another fishing spot and helped them catch fish – not a bad way to end a bad day.

You’re probably wondering why the boat sank. The owner wasn’t sure, but LaCoste thinks he has the answer.

“I think he probably didn’t put the plug in the boat…”

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Apparently, it was only the second time the owner had taken the boat on the water, and the first time he forgot to put the plug in.



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Louisiana Fishing Guide Rescues Anglers After Boat Sinks in Lake