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Louisiana Deer Hunter Fights Buck For His Life

A Louisiana deer hunter fights for his life in a violent showdown with a big white-tailed buck.

Bayou Bucks Magazine reported that on the morning of Christmas Eve veteran hunter Bobby Neames barely clung to life as he was rushed to a Baton Rouge hospital to treat wounds he sustained during a fight with a buck he’d shot on his property.

It was 9 am when Neames spotted the buck from a tree stand on his property in East Felicina Parish, Louisiana. Neames had seen the buck before in pictures from trail cameras he’d placed around his property, and now the deer was clear in his sights. He fired, landed a clear shot to the buck’s neck, and watched it disappear out of sight into the woods.

Deer Attacks During Hunts

Deer Attacks During Hunts Hunter Bobby Neames sustained serious wounds to his thigh after being gorged by the antlers of a white-tail buck he was hunting. While incidents of deer chasing hunters after being shot are not uncommon, attacks like this are rare. Image: Bayou Bucks Magazine

He found the wounded buck 15 minutes later on the ground only yards away from the tree stand. Still alive with a large bullet wound to its neck and its adrenaline running high, the buck locked eyes with Neames. The tables were about to turn.

“It happened so fast,” Neames told Bayou Bucks Magazine. “I was 20 feet away when he lunged up from a squatted position, and within one-tenth of a second, he’d hit me.”

The buck gored Neames’ thigh with one of its antlers and tossed him to the ground. Before Neames could get back up the buck charged him again. Grappling the animal from the ground, Neames grabbed the buck’s antlers and resisted as the wild animal tried to pierce his chest. In the midst of the fight, the strap of Neames’ rifle — still loaded with the safety off — became tangled with the buck’s antlers.

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Neames cried out for help, but no one answered. The buck backed away slightly and went in to charge again. This time Neames was ready. He grabbed the deer’s neck and tried to choke him. In the thick of the tussle, the buck flipped over and got its antlers stuck in the dirt just long enough for Neames to get up on his feet and get some distance from the enraged animal. With Neames rifle still tangled in its antlers, the deer locked eyes with him once more, and ran off into the woods.

Covered in blood and badly injured, Neames staggered with all his remaining strength back his home 400 yards away. He was later flown by helicopter to a Baton Rouge hospital where doctors used 25 staples to seal up the 13 inches of gaping wounds in his thigh.

It was a Christmas Eve Neames is likely to never forget.

“I was lucky to live through this,” said Neames.

As for the deer, no one has seen it since.




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Louisiana Deer Hunter Fights Buck For His Life