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Louisiana Bowfisherman Bags Unofficial State Record Alligator Gar

The 215-pound alligator surpassed the previous state record, but the catch won't be unofficial because it was taken by a bow.

Louisiana bow fisherman Brandon Saucier bagged the massive alligator gar last Sunday near Lake Boudreuax.

Brandon Saucier with the 215-pound alligator gar. Credit: Brandon Saucier/Louisiana Sportsman

Louisiana Sportsman reports the massive alligator gar would have easily clinched the state record, had it been taken on a rod and reel and weight on a certified scale.

Saucier and his two friends were fishing for redfish on Lake Boudreaux early on Sunday morning when they spotted the alligator gar underwater.

"We saw something that looked like maybe a garfish, but I actually told one of the guys it was a log because there were a lot of underwater logs in that area," Saucier told Louisiana Sportsman. "They turned to go shoot another redfish, and I see fish start taking off. So I grabbed my bow in the back of the boat and I shot him."

The alligator gar took off, dragging the anglers' 16-foot boat along with it.

"It was towing the boat all around the pond like it was nothing," Saucier said.

Saucier pulled out his bow and made another shot, which was enough to tucker out the gar.

The fish was about half the size of their 16-foot Go Devil, so they had to do some careful balancing to keep from siniking.

Loaded with gar and redfish they had caught earlier, Saucier and his pals puttered back the landing at just 4 mph.

Back on land, Saucier and friends weighed the gar from the back of a tow truck. They cleaned it and kept the head, knowing that it wouldn't take the state record on account of the bow shot.

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Saucier sent the head to Nicholls State University to have fisheries biologists determine its age. They told Saucier the fish was probably 50 years old.

All said and done, Saucier bagged himself one very big, very old fish.

I'm sure he and his pals will have gar on the dinner table for quite some time.

Have you ever caught an alligator gar? Share your story in the comments section.


Featured image via Wikimedia Commons

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Louisiana Bowfisherman Bags Unofficial State Record Alligator Gar