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Louisiana Angler Hooks, Fights and Lassoes Huge Alligator Snapping Turtle

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You won’t believe the size of this massive Louisiana alligator snapping turtle! 

One Louisiana angler’s hard work paid off with this massive alligator snappin turtle caught in Bayou Teche, and it took an unconventional method to bring it to shore.

David Nero had been chasing this monster alligator snapping turtle for the past two months. He missed a prior chance when the huge snapper broke the 60 lb line he was using during their first encounter.

Since that day, Nero had been on a quest for another chance to bring this turtle in.

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The day finally happened on March 4, when Nero hooked back up with his monster turtle. This time, he was prepared.

Nero has fished the bayous of Louisiana his entire life, but this turtle is the largest thing he ever caught. In order to finally get the turtle on land, Nero quickly lassoed it with a rope after bringing it close to shore with his rod and reel.

“He gave a good fight, I can guarantee you,” said Nero. “He weighs 120 pounds. I had to use a corn scale to weigh him!”

Nero does not plan to kill the turtle. According to the original story, he has a pond on his own personal property where he plans to allow the turtle to live out his days.

Alligator snapping turtles can live for over 200 years. Their most common food source is actually smaller turtles.

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Louisiana Angler Hooks, Fights and Lassoes Huge Alligator Snapping Turtle