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Louisiana Angler Catches State Record Mangrove Snapper

A Baton Rouge man took the new Louisiana state record mangrove snapper over the Memorial Day weekend.

Angler Todd Black landed the 15.4-pound mangrove while fishing in Louisiana’s coastal waters.

The day he caught the fish, Black and his fishing pals traveled nearly 200 miles in search of monster mangroves around oil rigs, wellheads and platforms in the Gulf.

According to the Times Picayune, Black regularly takes 190-mile trips around the gulf to search for large mangroves.

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Black said that he wasn’t thinking about state records the day he caught the fish, or the Statewide Tournament and Anglers Rodeo (STAR), which started the same day.

But with some encouragement from his friends, Black submitted his catch to the tournament for consideration.

He took the first place for the heaviest mangrove snapper and will likely win a $5,000 offshore tackle prize for his efforts.

Black’s mangrove snapper also took the new Louisiana state record for the species.

“I thought the state record was 16 pounds, to be honest with you,” he said. “Without a doubt, I think I had a fish on that could have beaten the world record.”

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Louisiana Angler Catches State Record Mangrove Snapper