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Lose the Desk and Become a Big Game Hunting Guide

There are a number of courses in the country that will teach you how to become a big game hunting guide and this is one of the best.

Similar to becoming a professional fishing guide what hunter hasn't had the dream to become a big game hunting guide. Swan Mountain Wilderness Guide School offers quality courses that will put you in the Montana wilderness and teach you the foundational skills to become a big game hunting guide.

The best way to learn is hands-on and this is what this guide school does; it progresses from classroom and theory and gets the students out handling horses and into the mountains to learn their tradecraft. This school, like all the reputable ones, provides quality in-depth instruction and is not just some camping outing. Students will be taught by a wide range of subject- matter-experts and this is why hunting guide candidates are looking at a five to six week commitment.

Good news for veterans is that Swan Mountain Guide School qualifies and is approved to process applications under the GI Bill including the post 9/11  Montgomery GI Bill. This may be the time to make your dream a reality and turn your passion into a profession.


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Lose the Desk and Become a Big Game Hunting Guide