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Los Angeles Cop Drops in on Bear Family [VIDEO]

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy finds a family of bears at home when he checks out an abandoned car.

When a report came in of an abandoned car in the Angeles National Forest, a helicopter was dispatched to investigate. The remote and rugged terrain prevented any other approach.

When Deputy Ricky Hernandez was lowered to the car, I suspect a dead body was the worst thing he thought he’d find.

ABC 7 Eyewitness News reports that on the way down, Hernandez lost radio contact with the helicopter.

That meant the pilot and crew were not able to warn Hernandez that an adult bear had just ran out of the car.

When Hernandez looked inside the car he saw that the bear family had made a little nest. Two bear cubs were still in the car.

When the mama bear was coming back was anyone’s guess so they got Hernandez out of there quickly. He did not notice any human remains…

Even cops in L.A. have to be wary of routine checks in the wilderness.

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Los Angeles Cop Drops in on Bear Family [VIDEO]