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Loon Live Connects Company to Customers

Loon Outdoors

Live, interactive fly tying videos catch the attention of anglers, and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Every fly angler knows Loon Outdoors, or at least their products.

Aquel floatant and Deep Soft putty weight have been used by just about every fly chucker who’s ever chased trout. Then there are Loon tools, gadgets, and line cleaners. They’ve also been at the forefront of new fly tying trends like UV cure cement. Loon even makes a glow-in-the-dark strike indicator you charge up with a UV light.

But what caught the attention of the business experts at Entrepreneur Magazine is the connection Loon established with customers through videos.

On the first and third Thursday nights of the month, Loon’s Director of Product Development Matt Callies ties one or two flies and live streams it to an audience via Brandlive. Audience members are able to send questions to Matt about the tying process, or provide him feedback on the live stream. All videos are archived to the LoonLive page so they can be viewed any time.
LoonLive page

The videos have evolved since they started last year. A box that used to link customers to the online store to buy the tying products being demonstrated was replaced with a materials list for the fly. The viewers asked for the fly recipe, so Loon changed the videos.

Are the videos helping sell Loon products? Since they don’t use the direct sale feature on Brandlive, they can’t really link video views to product sales. But their Director of Sales isn’t too concerned. He says Loon has been averaging over 15% sales growth and setting new records for a few years.

What they are doing is obviously working.

Check them out.

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Loon Live Connects Company to Customers