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Looks Like Some Fishing Charter... [VIDEO]

This has to be one of the weirdest fishing videos we've ever seen.

Most of us know what it's like to be on a busy fishing charter boat. Things can get hectic when there are a couple fish on lines, and things can happen fast. Not this fast.

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We wish there was more to tell you about this video, but all the sleuthing we've done so far has brought up nothing. What we do know is these gentlemen have discovered a very efficient net-less way to catch a lot of fish, in not a lot of time.


Now then, we don't know if this is even legal, but it looks like they're just using poles and hooks, maybe not even bait. Wherever this was done clearly has an abundance of fish that just can't help but get caught.

They probably never even knew what hit 'em during their quick trip from water to boat.

If you know anything about what's going on in this video, share it, because we're mind-boggled.

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Looks Like Some Fishing Charter... [VIDEO]