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Be on the Lookout for Attack Beavers Like This One [VIDEO]

When we think of dangerous or aggressive animals, the beaver doesn’t usually make that list.

If you are walking down a path or trail and spot a beaver near you, what are the thoughts going through your mind?

‘Wow, that’s cool’ or ‘He’s bigger than I thought’? How about ‘I hope he’s not one of those attack beavers’?

After watching the following beaver encounter you may lean more towards the last question in the future.

While I joke about attack beavers, it really is not quite the interaction one would expect between a human and a beaver.

I would have assumed that when approached, the beaver would have retreated into the woods or his dam, but he rather assertively stood his ground and chose to go on the offense rather than defend himself.

Something to keep in mind for sure. I know that I would rather not be on the receiving end of a slap from that tail or those teeth that can cut through trees.

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Be on the Lookout for Attack Beavers Like This One [VIDEO]