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Looking for the Ultimate AK Accessory? Check out the Ultimak AK Rail Mount

Rapid target acquisition and a large selection of optics make the Ultimak a solid upgrade for the AK-47.

The Ultimak AK rail accessory for AK-47 variants is an upgrade worth its weight. The rail adds some much needed rail space to the AK-47 platform.

While it can be combined with other lower hand guards and with other side mounted options, the Ultimak is literally a rail in its own league.

What separates the Ultimak from everything else is that it allows shooters to co-witness a red dot sight with their iron sights. The rail also allows many other optics to be attached to the top of the rifle such as magnifiers and lasers.

Co-Witness red dot w/ Ultimak rail
Co-Witness red dot w/ Ultimak rail

The rail requires a complete swap of the upper gas tube. Some people have noticed that the tube doesn't necessarily fit as snug as it probably should, but it does indeed hold a zero.

As the rifle is fired and the gas tube becomes hotter due to the gases, the metal expands and causes the tube to stay stiffer and fill in the small gaps of space. I personally considered this as an upgrade when I had my AK, but decided not to get it as I personally preferred the iron sights.

The Ultimak is easily installed as it does not require any gunsmithing or tools for installation. Make sure you take special note of which AK variant you might be using. Yugo, Russian, Chinese, Egyptian, and other AK variants have very small differences in lengths within the gas tube and should be checked accordingly.

Check out the Ultimak website to see the rates for the models that will fit your specific AK.


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Looking for the Ultimate AK Accessory? Check out the Ultimak AK Rail Mount