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Looking Under the Hood of the AR15 Rifle

Ever wondered how a rifle works when you press the trigger? Let's take a look at what's really going on underneath.

AR15's are not very complex weapons to understand. Like with all weapons there is a set system of functions that have to happen before the bullet fires down the barrel and automatically reloads the next cartridge to be fired.

For most of us, we just like to pull the trigger and watch it go bang. If you want to challenge yourself and take your understanding to the next level, you should see how the parts inside the rifle work in unison to make sure that the rounds are feeding, firing, extracting, and ejecting as smoothly as they should.

Learning how the functions of each part work within the cycle of operation makes you not only a better shooter, but a solid basic gunsmith when things go bad. Often times we get too comfortable with trusting our brands and believing that they will always just "work." While training, we should be using our firearms to their full potential, but that also means that we should be servicing them so that they are ready to perform when the moment counts.

Understanding how the internal parts work will allow us to make smarter choices when purchasing upgrades. Learning the functions will allow you to choose upgrades that can be ergonomic, heavier, lighter, stronger, weaker, and more importantly safer. The best shooters know their weapons inside and out and will learn with repetitive servicing and firing of their weapon when things start to have excessive wear and tear. The discerning shooter will also notice malfunctions before they get serious.

If your going out to purchase a new weapon this holiday season, you should always walk in with the best understanding of what you're looking for so you don't get oversold and purchase upgrades that you may not necessarily need at the moment. Stay vigilant.

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Looking Under the Hood of the AR15 Rifle