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Looking For a Good Whitetail Deer Documentary? [VIDEO]

Whitetail deer documentaries don't get much better than this...

Check out The Secret Life of Whitetails trailer posted by Janson Media to get a glimpse of this award-winning documentary.

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If you are a fan of wildlife videos/documentaries/TV Shows, I would highly recommend this one. This video was shot over a three year period by wildlife filmmaker Gary W. Griffen, and narrated by actor Peter Coyote. Not only was it filmed in high definition and 5.1 surround, this video won "the highest award for creative excellence at the 2013 Houston WorldFest."

Watch huge bucks sparring, marking their territory and chasing does in a prelude to the breeding season. Learn more about the whitetail's rutting behavior, social life and daily habits.

Witness a doe giving birth and raising twin fawns in a secluded woodland. Gain a better understanding of a newborn deer's instinctive and learned behavior. Through the seasons, you will also develop new insights into a whitetail's home range, diet, winter adaptations and its relationship with predators and humans."

You can order the full length documentary (54 minutes) of The Secret Life of Whitetails on DVD or Blu-Ray from Griffen Productions.


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Looking For a Good Whitetail Deer Documentary? [VIDEO]