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Looking to Get Some Use from That Treadmill? Stack Some Firewood

Joy Cahill/Facebook

Finally, a practical use for a treadmill: use it as a conveyor belt to stack firewood for the winter.

If we’re being honest, no one ever really uses the exercise gear they purchase, especially treadmills. It collects dust downstairs and makes you feel bad as you walk past it with a piece of pizza in your hand.

The guys in this video however are getting their money’s worth out of their treadmill. I’m sure this type of usage isn’t specifically forbidden in the owner’s manual. Watch as they breathe new life into an old home workout room standard.

Maybe we’re witnessing the rebirth of the treadmill industry. Consumer-grade portable conveyor belts would probably get more use than the treadmills do in their current configuration.

Peeling potatoes and tired of skins piling up on your cutting board? Peel them over a treadmill pointed at a garbage can.  Burning leaves in the backyard? Feed the fire a constant stream of leaves without worrying about bags and wheelbarrows. Behold, the treadmill is reborn!

What could you accomplish with a treadmill and fifty feet of extension cord?

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Looking to Get Some Use from That Treadmill? Stack Some Firewood