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Looking for a Different Kind of Fishing T-Shirt? Join the Red Tuna Shirt Club [PICS]

Images via Red Tuna Shirt Club

There’s nothing quite as good at showing your angling passion than a genuine fishing t-shirt from a far off destination. The Red Tuna Shirt Club is making it easier than ever before to collect some of the coolest and rarest fishing t-shirts you can find.

What’s the one thing you’ll almost always be convinced to do after a fantastic fishing trip that’s deserving of your memory bank?

Buy a t-shirt, of course.

The cool thing about t-shirts from fishing charters and lodges in famous or exotic locales is they’re one-of-a-kind conversation starters. They’re a badge of honor, unique in almost all regards, and look great to boot. If you’re like most anglers and appreciate a great fishing t-shirt, Red Tuna Shirt Club is well worth checking out.


Once a month, Red Tuna reveals a new shirt featuring a top-rated saltwater charter business or fishing lodge, which gets sent out exclusively to their club members. They scour the world for the most interesting and unique companies working to supply anglers from all corners with an experience they won’t soon forget. Red Tuna does the legwork, searching for “charter businesses with cool names and great reputations,” and then delivers a one-off collector’s item, complete with early retirement and a great story to tell.

“We really work hard to deliver a unique t-shirt to our customers each month, and all of them represent some of the best charter companies and fishing lodges on the planet,” said Red Tuna’s Austin Crossley. “But to keep things interesting, from month to month we will really vary the shirt colors, artwork style and of course the location each shirt represents…so far this year our shirts have been from Brazil, Texas, Belize, Costa Rica and Australia.”


Monthly memberships are $20, and there’s no commitment necessary. Pre-paid subscriptions help cut the costs, and shipping to the U.S. is always free. The shirts are custom designed and printed in America with a guaranteed consistent fit throughout a subscription.MREC-1 (1)

“We also pride ourselves in our quality, both with our shirts and our customer service,” added Crossley. “We are a family-run company, and just like our customers we have a passion for fishing that shows in the service we provide our customers.”

Probably best of all, Red Tuna provides full charter or lodge info, helping the aspirational get out and do the sort of fishing they love. The short profile writeup that accompanies every shirt tells the story of a business that’s successful for a reason: they put people on fish, and show them a good time. Who wouldn’t want to hook up to that information pipeline?


You can find out more about Red Tuna on their website, read and watch great content on their blog, and join the club if you’re as interested as you ought to be.


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Looking for a Different Kind of Fishing T-Shirt? Join the Red Tuna Shirt Club [PICS]