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Looking for a Big Knife? This Guy Can Make It

Big knife
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If you’re looking for a big knife, a giant axe, or a bladed weapon of almost any kind, then Michael Cthulhu is your man.

If you’re a big knife fan, you’re going to love this one. Michael Cthulhu is a blacksmith who specializes in making large custom blades. His work includes big knives, axes, and insane-looking blades that attach to your hands. Take a look at this highlight reel for some of his personal favorite projects.

While most of these don’t exactly look like your everyday outdoor tools, they’re interesting. With some imagination, I can even see some of them coming in handy in a backcountry survival situation (though you probably wouldn’t want to lug a six-foot sword into the backcountry.)

It does look like he can make pretty much anything you can dream up, so it’s time to start imagining.

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Looking for a Big Knife? This Guy Can Make It