Look Who Showed Up at These Boys’ First Squirrel Hunt

That’s how you go about making a memorable first squirrel hunt!

When these young Ohio boys went out with their father, Gary Simons, for their first squirrel hunt, they thought they might see some wildlife, and hopefully some bushy tails.

Instead, as told to ABC 6, they encountered something else, and luckily got some great video of it.

Who’s guessing this deer didn’t know what time of year it is?

The boys’ mother said they were 11 and 9 years old, and were full of excitement after the event took place last weekend.

Deer have been known to sniff and lick humans, but that was some kind of special attention they were getting!

The whitetail deer in Ohio should know better, but this young buck probably hadn’t been around for many hunting seasons yet.


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