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Look at All the Ways You Can Use a BOG-POD While Hunting

Looking for an all in one hunting bipod, tripod or monopod? BOG-POD has you covered.

The BOG-POD Switcheroo platform has everything to fit your specific needs. You can now switch out your standard shooting rest for a spotting scope, camera, binoculars or even one of our advanced shooting systems.

The Switcheroo Shooting System allows you to adapt quickly to any hunting situation.

Let’s go through some of the special features and accessories that make the Bog-Pod Switcheroo Systems the right choice.

SSA (Spotting Scope Adapter)


The BOG-POD SSA clamps securely to a vehicle window to provide a steady viewing platform. The two way rotating camera head allows you to tilt up and down and pan left and right. The adjustment handle allows the SSA to glide smoothly and can be locked down securely.

The accessory plate is 1 5/8? x 2? in size and comes with a standard 1/4?-20 camera screw and a 3/8?-16 adapter screw. The SSA clamp is wide enough to attach to treestands, in box blind windows, and on security bars up to 1? thick.

The rotating head has the BOG-POD Switcheroo System incorporated so it can easily be installed to any BOG-POD Tripod.

PCA (Professional Camera Adapter)



Quick-change stem on bottom attaches to BOG-POD shooting sticks with Switcheroo Shooting System. There’s a top lever release lock to prevent accidental lever release, and a rotating collar for rotating the camera to a vertical position.

The Bog-Pod’s accessory plate has ¼?-20 and 3/8?-16 thread bushings to fit most mounts

USR (Universal Shooting Rest)

The USR provides 360-degree head rotation and is Switcheroo compatible. It is designed to fit very snugly into the center hole of the shooting stick?s head for no wobble performance.

Learn more about the BOG-POD Switcheroo System and locate a dealer here.


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Look at All the Ways You Can Use a BOG-POD While Hunting