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A Look at the Rare World War I Trench Mauser [VIDEO]

This rare World War I Trench Mauser rifle was just the ticket for trench warfare at the turn of the century.

The shooter could fire at the enemy from the semi-safety of the trench.

Watch as this strange Mauser rifle variation is thoroughly examined.

The trench warfare of World War I was a very bloody time in history. If a soldier peeked over the top of the trench, a sniper’s bullet was all but certain to end his life.

Well, why not add a periscope and a stand to a rifle so the shooter can shoot over the top while safely in the trench? That is exactly what the Germans did.

The Trench Mauser was a rifle on a high mount with a periscope to see through. The one in the video has a 25 round magazine for more sustained firing between reloads.

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A Look at the Rare World War I Trench Mauser [VIDEO]