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This Elk Traffic Jam in Colorado is Every Hunter’s Dream

Look At That Elk Traffic Jam In Colorado

Check out this incredible elk traffic jam these people recently encountered in Colorado. Yes, that is a solid wall of elk crossing the road.

These people were driving in some seriously snowy conditions in southern Colorado when they encountered this massive elk traffic jam caused by a herd containing literally hundreds of elk crossing the road in front of them.

While most of the elk in this herd appear to be cows and calves, there are more than a few bulls mixed in. If I saw something like this in real life, I’d be about as giddy as the lady filming this was.

Watch the video to see what I mean!

How many elk do you think there were in this elk traffic jam? Have any of you encountered an elk traffic jam as big as this one?

I wonder if that is what heaven looks like for an elk hunter…

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This Elk Traffic Jam in Colorado is Every Hunter’s Dream