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What a Huge School of Smallmouth Bass Looks Like Underwater

school of smallmouth

I am an admitted addict of smallmouth bass.

I love them in the way a man loves a fish. Or something like that.

Smallmouth are big. They’re mean. They live in cool places. And they school together which means action can be fast and furious. I’ve always wondered just how many fish there are below my boat. This video gives me a pretty good idea.

I have no idea what type of equipment was used to record that video. I’ve used a GoPro on several occasions to capture underwater footage but I’ve never been able to record anything like the guys from WiredToFish did. But I can guarantee that I’m going to try and figure out a way to rig my camera up this summer to get deep enough to record some action on some of my favorite rock piles and humps on Lake Erie this summer.

Here’s something to think about though: Just because you can see those fish, will they bite? I’ve heard of tournament anglers using underwater cameras to find fish while practicing but were unable to get them to bite. Notice also how the fish related to that rock pile. You can tell there is current by observing some of the sediment that flows by.

What did you notice about how those fish were sitting on and near the cover? Keep that in mind when you’re fishing deep structure for smallmouth in lakes and rivers with current.



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What a Huge School of Smallmouth Bass Looks Like Underwater