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Look at the Size of This Huge North Carolina Wild Hog!

north Carolina wild hog
Carolina Sportsman

When it comes to big pigs, the bigger they are, the more exciting the hunt. 

This couldn’t be truer for one Virginia hunter while hunting on the Cottonwood Plantation of North CarolinaNathan Coffey of Lynchburg, Virginia, had spent an entire year looking at pictures of a huge North Carolina wild hog from a year ago. However, this hunting season, the pig had been a no-show.

That is, until the morning Coffey was in his stand.

Just after sunrise on October 4th, Coffey found himself glassing a group of about 20 hogs from his stand, 90 yards away.

North Carolina wild hog
Carolina Sportsman

“About 12 of these hogs were young. The rest were larger, and I began hearing something else coming toward these hogs. It was making a lot of noise, so I waited and watched. About a minute later, the huge wild boar stepped out of the bushes behind the others at 100 yards away from me,” he said in an interview

Unfortunately, the big hog decided to lie down. It wasn’t until a few of the smaller hogs actually got into a fight that the boar decided to make a move. According to the report, the hog took off running at the two in a fight and scattered the pack. From there, it was standing directly broadside to Coffey at 80 yards. With one quick pull of the trigger, the hog was down. Weighing out to 410-pounds, this pig was a monster.

Now that is what a true North Carolina wild hog should look like!


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Look at the Size of This Huge North Carolina Wild Hog!