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Longtime Fishing Buddies Land Huge Blue Catfish in North Carolina [PICS]

The “best fishing trip we’ve had in eight years” will go down in the history of Shawn Core and Justin Mulcahy’s friendship.

Take a gander at this gigantic beauty, a 65.4 pound blue catfish caught by Shawn Core with the help of Justin Mulcahy of Dunn, North Carolina.

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The two were fishing on the Cape Fear River, when they were nearly ready to pack their things and leave after some disappointing fishing.

“This was the first time that we had ever been fishing in Elizabethtown,” Core told the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission. “We put in at the lock and dam 2 at 12 p.m. on Saturday and fished all night. In that time we caught a 10-pounder. Not impressed with the turnout of numbers, we decided to leave around 10:30 Sunday morning. After packing up all of our camping gear I said to my best friend/fishing partner, Justin Mulcahy, ‘Let’s go back out for another hour.’”

That would prove a smart decision.



More from Core:

We went back out onto the water and about 25 minutes later the Abu [Garcia] 7000ic3 [fishing reel] started singing. I fought the fish for 25 to 30 minutes. Justin had the net in his hand ready when we saw the fish. He looked at me and said ‘That is not going to work.’ So he grabbed the fish by the head and fought him into the boat. The catfish weighed in at 65.4 pounds and was about 56 inches long. This was the best fishing trip that we have had in eight years.



In case you’re wondering, this isn’t quite a record, but it’s the biggest fish the friends had ever caught. The North Carolina state record for a blue catfish is 89 pounds, caught by Eric Fincher in 2006.


Images via NC Wildlife Resources Commission/Facebook

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Longtime Fishing Buddies Land Huge Blue Catfish in North Carolina [PICS]