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Was This the Longest Hog Hunt Ever?

Was This The Longest Hog Hunt Ever

You won’t believe how long this guy chased these hogs before finally getting a shot on one. Was this the longest hog hunt you’ve ever heard of?

This hunter set some specific guidelines for his hog hunt: he wanted to use his crossbow, take a shot less than 20 yards, get the hunt on camera, shoot an “ugly” hog, and do it all without hunting over bait. These are all worthy goals.

However, in doing so, he set himself up for potentially the longest hog hunt ever. I don’t think he really knew what he was getting into at the beginning of the endeavor.

Watch the video to see what may well be the longest hog hunt of all-time.

That is some serious dedication right there. It’s nice when it all comes together like that. He stuck with his original plan and got some really cool footage of a great crossbow shot on a hog at close range.

Many other hunters would have given up or given in and shot a hog using less demanding tactics after a couple of weeks of no success. In any case, congratulations on a successful hog hunt.

Anybody know of a hog hunt that lasted longer than this one?

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Was This the Longest Hog Hunt Ever?