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Long Lasting Bear Bait with Only One Ingredient [PICS]

Photos courtesy of Pleasant River Guides/Facebook 

Easy one-ingredient bear bait guaranteed to last!

Bears can devour bait piles in one night, making long-lasting baits a must! Bear suckers have been around for a long time but can be complicated to perfect. With this recipe all you need is one ingredient!

Items you will need:

Stainless steel sauce pan for heating and as bait holder; strong construction is a must.

Bulk bag jolly ranchers or similar candy. Remove wrappers.


Chain to secure pan to tree. Hanging the pan four to five feet off the ground allows you to better judge size of bears coming to the bait.


Unwrap candies and place in pan over low heat. Candies will melt very slowly but constant monitoring is a must. In about an hour the candies will have heated to a thick liquid. Remove from heat, allow to cool and you are done!

Hang and wait. Bait will last for a long time, even in rain.


Used as a supplement to a regular bait pile, this one-ingredient bear sucker will last a long time and satisfy their sweet tooth!


Photos courtesy of Pleasant River Guides/Facebook unless otherwise indicated.

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Long Lasting Bear Bait with Only One Ingredient [PICS]