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Lone Star Dogs Help in the Hunt for Lone Star Hogs [VIDEO]

hog hunting with dogs

These dogs help in the hunt for wild hogs, and the results are incredible.

Rachers asked these hunters to come out and kill as many hogs as possible, since they were destroying their ranch and the local ecosystem.

Their population is out of control in Texas, and Keith Warren shows how using dogs to help them in the process is pretty efficient.

Warning: This video contains graphic content.

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The dogs are protected by tough vests that keep them from getting stabbed or punctured by the hog’s tusks.

These canines are able to quickly find the hogs with their strong sense of smell. Once they’ve found the hogs, they pin the hog down until the hunter can come over and finish the kill. This is a unusual and dangerous way to go hog hunting, but an efficient way nonetheless.

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Lone Star Dogs Help in the Hunt for Lone Star Hogs [VIDEO]