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Lone Porcupine Takes on Entire Lion Pride [VIDEO]

There are not many animals that can say they took on 17 lions and lived to tell the tale; the porcupine in this video is one of them.

Like any species of cat, lions, and especially young ones, can be very curious creatures. Add a little hunger to that mix and you have the makings of this video shot on the Londolozi Game Preserve in Africa. The pride of lions, 17 in total including four males, come across a lone porcupine while roaming at night on the game preserve. The lions surround the poor creature to investigate.

However, a porcupine is no easy meal and the one in this video proved that.

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When the lions began to get too close for comfort, the porcupine employed its defense mechanisms. First, it starts to rattle its tale as a distracting sound to confuse the lions. When that failed to scare the apex predators off, the porcupine began to run backwards towards any lion that got too close.

Contrary to popular belief, porcupines do not shoot their quills and this African species is no different. Instead, the quills, a type of fused hair which can be regrown, stick in the flesh of any creature unfortunate enough to get close enough. This causes a painful injury and the possibility for infection, as any dog owner who has experienced the situation could tell you.

After several minutes, the lions become disinterested and wander off into the night. The porcupine does the same albeit with a higher heart rate.

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Lone Porcupine Takes on Entire Lion Pride [VIDEO]