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Lone Crocodile Steals Meal from Pack of Wild Dogs [VIDEO]

In case there was any question, crocodiles fall above dogs in the food chain. When a crocodile steals your meal, you just have to let him have it. 

A group of ravenous wild dogs thought they’d caught their dinner when they dragged an impala carcass to a South African river bank.

What they didn’t expect was one monster of a crocodile creeping out of the water to steal their meal.

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“The crocodile jumps the dinner cue.”

The poor canines just look on with hungry eyes.

Needless to say, the dogs knew they were no match for the carnivorous reptile, and even though they outnumbered the croc, they kept their distance and watched their dinner slip beneath the water’s surface.

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Lone Crocodile Steals Meal from Pack of Wild Dogs [VIDEO]