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Londoners Thought a Croc Was in River Thames, the Reality is Hysterical


People were freaking out over a sighting of what was thought to be a wild crocodile in the River Thames.

A huge, crocodile like creature was recently spotted basking upon a piece of wood floating in the River Thames.

London city worker Ben, who originally noticed the creature, snapped a quick photo while walking along the docks on his lunch break with a friend.

“While circumnavigating Millwall Outer Dock we passed the Docklands Sailing and Watersports Center, where there were children enjoying paddling in canoes,” Ben told News Shopper. “Then to our horror we spotted what appears to be some sort of large reptile.”

After much speculation on social media as to what the creature was, personnel from the Docklands went to investigate. The culprit was a large and dangerous piece of old rope.


The center posted their findings on their Facebook page calling it, “The Dockness Monster”.

“Some of you may have heard about the recent alligator sighting that was in the News Shopper,” they wrote. “The Evening Standard have also been in touch this morning. We can confirm that it is not an alligator, but a big bundle of….ROPE!”

They even had a little fun by photo shopping a crocodiles head onto the end of the rope as one of the workers went to retrieve it.


This is the second strange creature sighting reported in the River Thames this year. While this one has been debunked, no one is yet sure what the massive creature caught on film swimming up the river in April was.

All photos via Docklands Sailing & Watersports Centre Facebook page. 


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Londoners Thought a Croc Was in River Thames, the Reality is Hysterical