Locked Up Whitetail Bucks Saved by Illinois Conservation Officer Armed with a Pole Saw [VIDEO]

Time was running out for this pair of whitetail bucks with locked up antlers. Luckily, an Illinois DNR officer gave them a second chance.

Locking antlers can literally be a death trap for whitetail deer.

These two bucks were discovered in rural Dixon, Illinois. The situation is certainly dire, and if not for the quick-thinking help from DNR, Sherrif’s deputies, and police, this pair of prime whitetail bucks would most certainly be dead.

Quite an incredible rescue, and a skillful one at that. Nothing like a trusty pole saw (a mini chainsaw attached to a telescoping rod used for tree trimming) to get a job like this done.

Oftentimes when they’re unable to free themselves, bucks will fight until exhaustion sets in. Loss of life quickly follows.

Hats off to Illinois Conservation Police Officer Steve Beltran. You make us proud, sir!

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