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Antler-Locked Nevada Bull Elk Gets a Woozy Release

Two fighting bull elk were found not only got locked together, but entangled in wire fencing; only one would survive. 

Wildlife Conservation Officers had their hands full with this one. Two enormous bull elk had gotten locked up, probably from fighting, and had to be freed; it was no easy task.

Using wire cutters and some courage the officers finally got them separated, but one elk was down for the count.

Caution: some coarse language in the video

There’s no telling how long those two brutes were lying there before they were freed, but by the look of the survivor it must have been some time.

The elk stood up, dazed and loopy, but managed enough wherewithal to make his way back to the herd. Even those veteran conservation officers were wary of that large animal in its confused state.

Hopefully the one bull that made it will survive. Unfortunately, the other beautiful bull succumbed to its injuries.


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Antler-Locked Nevada Bull Elk Gets a Woozy Release