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Lockdown at Vancouver Zoo as Wind Breaks Grizzly Bear Enclosure [VIDEO]

Like a scene straight from Jurassic Park, visitors to Vancouver Zoo are put on lockdown, then evacuated, as wind breaks down the grizzly bear enclosure.

Talk about a harrowing day at the zoo! A massive storm battered Metro Vancouver Aug. 29, knocking down trees and collapsing fences that enclosed animal exhibits at the zoo.

Visitors that were outside prior to the fences coming down were evacuated safely as concern over high winds intensified. Those who were indoors were not so fortunate.

Will Cutt was at the zoo for his niece’s first birthday. While inside an educational room they were told they could not leave. Doors were locked and windows shut.

The lockdown lasted hours. Eventually the adults and children were ushered out of the building and into a van, which whisked them out of the park.

Zoo officials say a grizzly bear did escape, but had been locked up before people were allowed to leave.

All animals have been accounted for and no injuries were reported – human or otherwise.

Talk about a real life Jurassic Park experience for these folks. One I’d be a little hesitant to pay the admission for, though.

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Lockdown at Vancouver Zoo as Wind Breaks Grizzly Bear Enclosure [VIDEO]