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Lock Down: Deer Hunting November 11-15

lock down

Most does are coming in, and the lock down will begin. Choose your tactics wisely and listen to Drury’s tips for hunting this next week.

November days are starting to drift away. If you have yet to fill a tag,  don’t get down on your self. There is still time. But during lock down, your expectation of seeing those big bucks turns into a hope to see them.

The buck parade has been on fire, but shortly, within in a few hours, it will seem like a light switch turned off.

All of a sudden, every buck finds a doe, and the parade ends. When a doe gets to the point when she is in heat and ready to breed, she hunkers down and stops moving.

When she stops moving, you better believe he will stop as well, and that, in a nutshell is lock down. Lock down is extremely tough to hunt, but you can find those bucks with the does in odd hours and odd places.

With that being said, there are obviously outliers and you always want to be in a tree in the middle of the rut.

Key in on those few bucks that free up from the does they were with, and good luck!

Shoot straight and be safe.

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Lock Down: Deer Hunting November 11-15