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Locate the Hidden Tenderloin and Process Your Own Deer Meat Easily

What is better than two tenderloins from a deer? How about four! Find out how to locate some hidden tenderloins and process your deer meat easily in this video.

Deer season means one thing. Backstraps and tenderloins will be hitting plates soon! This video shows you how to easily process your own deer meat this fall and where to find two extra tenderloins in the process.

Dr. Grant Woods is a super intelligent man who gives hunters some outstanding knowledge that you can't find any where else. On his YouTube page Growing Deer TV, he gives weekly videos to inform the common hunter. This one is about processing your own deer meat.

Very informative, this video will make your actions more effective, clean, and can save you a lot of money if you used to pay someone to do this for you.

Using a short and sharp knife, Grant shows you the importance and the benefits of following the muscle group lines and staying away from connective tissue.

What follows is huge chunks of fresh organic meat that you will not find at any store.

What many might not know is the hidden tenderloin that he speaks of. Located in the back legs, Mr. Woods shows exactly have to savor two special pieces of meat that will double your tenderloin count every time. Sounds like a heck of a deal to me.

Another great note that even people who have hunted for 50+ years might not know is the big lymph node located in the back ham.

meat 5
Screen shot of the lymph node removal.

If you cook the whole ham in one piece, you will be feeding your family stuff that they don't need in their body. He shows how to follow the muscle groups and locate the node for easy removal.

Watch the video, take notes, and try your best to keep your mouth from watering.

These steps will allow you to make this an enjoyable and much easier process after your next harvest.  Oh yea, and double your tenderloin count!


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Locate the Hidden Tenderloin and Process Your Own Deer Meat Easily