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Local Hunters Being Hunted

Dove and hog-hunting friends from their respective homes of Steiner Ranch and Wimberley, both just outside of Austin, became the hunted when burglars stole $10,000 worth of gear from their van while stopped in San Antonio for dinner. The home of the Alamo was a halfway point meant to stretch their legs and stomachs while they traveled on their way to Cotulla, South Texas for an annual dove hunting hoedown. They had no idea their wallets would be stretched the farthest.

The hunters finished their parmesan-cheese and red chili flake heavy dinners from the CPK in the Alamo Quarry Market, located in between I-35 and Hwy 281. They then went outside to discover that their truck had been broken into. All of their gear had been stolen. Everything from their seven guns and ammunition to their laptop, groceries, and clothes had been lifted in a half-hour window, leaving the soon-to-be hungry hunters with only the clothes on their backs and their bare hands to hunt with.

A police officer arrived shortly thereafter from a similar burglary that had happened across the street, revealing that this burglary was one of many occasions in which hunters were being hunted by thieves along the I-35 corridor. The corridor passes through Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and even Houston, providing burglars a quick getaway with hunting truck jackpots. The friends hope to raise awareness about this series of burglaries involving hunters being hunted by thieves.

Luckily, the very financially-responsible friends still had enough money to go shopping for gear at Academy, packed more supplies in Wimberley, and had a very successful hunt down South.

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Local Hunters Being Hunted