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Local Angler Shows What Fishing Iowa is All About

This video makes fishing Iowa look like a dream come true.

Fishing Iowa is not on the top fishing destination list for a most hardcore anglers. However, local angler Tanner Speidel seems to know how to make this state look like a fishing wonderland.

Check out this killer video of some amazing fish he caught while fishing Iowa’s freshwater paradise.

Tanner Speidel grew up in eastern Iowa and has been hooked on kayak fishing since 2011. After his first day on the water in his kayak, he knew there was no turning back!

“I’m very fortunate to live in an area with little fishing pressure and many places to fish,” says Tanner. “People have a misconception they need to travel to a faraway paradise to find a “trophy,” but what they don’t realize is that we have an abundance of good fish right here at home.”

After watching that video it is clear that Iowa can produce some great fishing experiences. Be sure to subscribe to Tanner’s YouTube channel in order to keep up on his video posts.


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Local Angler Shows What Fishing Iowa is All About