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These Lobster Hunting Fails Just Keep Coming [VIDEO]

Watch this hilarious attempt at hunting for lobsters.

This couple goes out to do a little lobster hunting and enjoy each others’ company, but Susie seems to struggle a bit making a grab of these lobsters.

At least at first.

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Now as funny as that was, it isn’t exactly easy to snag a lobster with your hands. The one she actually catches is pretty big too! It is also pretty hard to complain when you can go out fishing or hunting with the person you love, no matter how few creatures you grab.

Ever consider doing a little lobster diving? It doesn’t look easy, but then again it may be worth it compared to picking out one of the sad-looking and expensive lobsters that hang out in aquariums all day. If you’re an angler and love to dive, give lobster hunting a try!

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These Lobster Hunting Fails Just Keep Coming [VIDEO]